Yogi Profile: Ash Hope from Ashtanga Yoga School - Australia - Yoga Go Live!

Yogi Profile: Ash Hope from Ashtanga Yoga School – Australia

Yogi Profile: Ash Hope from Ashtanga Yoga School – Australia.
A Yoga Go Live yogi business interview.

A few words from Ash’s Site:
Transformative, confronting and empowering are the pillars of how I would describe the practice of Yoga. ‘It takes you to your edge and back to the present. You tap into your unlimited potential to become the person that you were born to be.’

Little did I know what impact Yoga would have on my life when I went to my first class in 2005. My inquisitive nature led me to practice various forms like Bikram, Power, Vinyasa Flow until I traveled to India and explored the traditional way of practicing Ashtanga Yoga. Learning from the source has deeply impacted my view on Yoga and opened a much deeper dimension to the practice than just physical asanas. Since 2009 I have committed to a regular Ashtanga yoga practice and was lucky to learn from a number of highly regarded teachers over the years.

I believe that to know the real meaning of yoga one has to teach from direct experience. On my own path of practice I spent time with Nancy Gilgoff (Maui), Prem and Radha (Bali) and I am inspired by the wealth of knowledge and experience of people like Manju Jois, Tomas Zorzo and David Swenson which I studied with over the years.

My motivation to teach Yoga is helping people to reach their fullest potential. This goes for the practice on the mat and transfers in all other areas of life.

I live in Cairns and run the Ashtanga Yoga centre with regular Mysore classes during the week. I also teach private classes and have been part of a corporate Health and Wellbeing program that was awarded the best in Australia in 2015.

“I am grateful for the people that walked the path before me and honored to share these teachings with others”

~AUM shanti shanti shanti