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Why Us

  • WE KNOW YOGIS AND YOGA We have been practicing yoga for years, and we love and believe in it. We're excited, and happy to be helping you spread the practice, in your style.
  • WE KNOW BUSINESS We've had years of expertise running businesses, making websites, and digital marketing. We use everything we know to help your business grow.
  • WE CARE We truly love our customers, and work harmoniously with them to make a beautiful experience and online presence. We always aim to please and over-deliver.
  • WE MAKE IT SIMPLE We know exactly what we're doing. We got it covered in all fields. We do the heavy lifting, cut out all the technical computer-jargon and consult with you to add your personality, pictures, ideas, and writing to the website.
  • WE PROVIDE A GREAT DEAL Because we're yoga-specific we don't have to charge you for all the little extra bits and pieces that would add up to an expensive Yoga Website - we already have the components built and ready to customize for your page, and can give you way more valuable features for the price.
  • WE ARE SPECIALISTS We don't just build websites, we build YOGA websites. That means we know what it takes, and we include all necessary components to truly make a beautiful website that supports the growth of your yoga business.
  • WE ALWAYS PROVIDE FRIENDLY SUPPORT We are happy to help our customers, and we honestly and truly love each one of you. We care about your growth, and it makes us smile to think of all the good you're doing with your flourishing business.

The YogaGoLive Happiness Guarantee

We’re so confident that you will love your website and see a huge impact on the growth of your yoga business, that we back our program up with a full 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. Buy your YogaGoLive package risk free for 30-days, and if at any time you truly don’t feel that our services are right for you, just let us know and we will issue a full refund, no questions asked, no hassles, and no hard feelings. That's our happiness guarantee!

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What's Special About Our Websites?

  • Best of modern web standards and stylesWe're on the cutting edge of technology, and use only clean, neat code. We never take crude shortcuts, or sweep anything under the rug. That means search engines like us, and your viewers will love the quick and smooth experience.
  • We produce only incredibly beautiful, modern, and elegant websites. You will stand out with a truly beautiful and professional website.
  • Search Engine Optimized.All of our sites play friendly with SEO, and come with the best SEO plugins to help you get found on the web "organically".
  • All our websites are easy to customize on your own at any time. We start by putting it all together for you, and set you up with a stunning professional website. Finally, we provide you your own unique login, and a video tutorial on how to change the major text and pictures of our website whenever you want, nice and easy.
  • Our sites are secure from data loss. We keep an initial backup of your site at the date of publishing, so that if anything ever goes wrong, we have it to restore.
  • First year's Hosting FREE! We host for you and included the first year's hosting in the cost. (Hosting renews for $99/yr after + $30 domain renewal = $129/year, and we handle all the whole renewal process for you.)
  • Your domain name is FREE! You get an official "" domain name FREE with purchase! As long as your requested URL is not already taken, we'll set it up for you for free!
  • Slick, Smooth, Sexy design on All Major DevicesAll our sites look incredible on mobile, desktops, and tablet, across different browsers.
  • Ready-To-Go Yoga site! Our Sites come loaded with all the things you need for yoga website ncluding a schedule of your yoga classes, a contact form for your customers to reach you, and many other important parts elements for your yoga website.

Want to see a sample of our work?

Basic Yoga Webpage

Click here to view an example of one of our most popular design, in another window. You can have one just like it. Comes with 15 different color schemes.

Custom Yoga & Event Webpage

Click here to view an example of one of our most recent custom sites.

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  • Submit your quote below, providing as much information about your project as possible. We'll review your request, and either send you a quote straight back, or schedule to chat with you if more appropriate.
  • After we review your quote and are clear of the scope of the project, we can determine the amount of time needed to prepare your site, and give you your estimated launch date! Though it completely depends on the complexity of the website, 3 weeks is a common turn-around time.
  • Absolutely! Skype works best. Just contact us at to schedule a time, or send us an email of your questions if suitable. Otherwise, simply include any notes in your quote request below.
  • We don't add any unnecessary monthly services or "maintainance" fee. If you need help with anything in the future, we are always available to repair or add functionality as needed on an hourly basis. If you don't need anything, you don't pay anything. The only fee would be yearly hosting (less than $150) and renewal of your domain and privacy protection ($30) to keep your site alive.
  • There is a lot of advantages to starting to make your website. As you prepare the text sections for your website, you will be developing a bit of your own voice and getting a clearer idea of what it is that you offer. It really helps straighten out the mind and get a clear idea on what you want to do for your business. At the very least, start preparing mentally by viewing our sample site and getting prepared. We're happy to make the website for you now, even if you're not teaching yet - we can hold it on the server for you, and publish it live the MOMENT you're ready to start teaching. You can also change all the text on your own in the future, so no worries if you don't have it all sorted yet. It's always good to get prepared and even start building your mailing list with a few early viewers.

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