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YogaGoLive: Get Started With Your Yoga Business Online

So i’m here to answer the question:

“What do you need to succeed in your Yoga Business?”
And specifically, “What do you need to do online?”

Well, growing a business and getting customers is a little bit like dating. Maybe more like polyamorous dating, but dating none the less 😛

Let’s look at dating as a comparison to growing a business.

There are 6 steps in common to both getting customers, and potential partners.
1) Polish and prepare to present your best self
2) Put yourself out there in front of your potential “partners” (or “customers”)
3) Present yourself: Make a connection
4) Get contact info
5) Deepen the connection
6) Close the deal

In dating it may look like this:
1) Dress up, and get pretty (men shave, women makeup, or whatever it is that you do)
2) Go to a bar/party/festival/wherever
3) Present what you have to offer by Talking and mingling
4) Get a phone number (or facebook?)
5) Call or text that person indicating interest, building rapport, and asking to get together

In your Yoga Marketing it’s like this:
1) Get a beautiful yoga website. And if you really want to put skin in the game, you get a nice logo (like buying a new dress)
2) Advertise on the internet
3) Present what you have to offers through your sales page
4) Capture the customer’s email and contact information
5) Email them a series of messages indicating interest, building rapport, and asking to come to your class/school, and in general sharing your offers.

Now, sometimes we can get lucky, and skip step 4 and 5 and jump to 6, but often times, we need to get a contact information, and build a rapport before someone will spend time with us on a date.

Your yoga website is your marketing equivalent to YOU. it displays your personality, it gives you a voice, and an appearance. Just like in dating, its here that you need to “say the right things” to make a connection with your audience.

So you need a website to get in the game, that’s for sure. BUT that’s not all.

Imagine, there is a ton of AMAZING, SUITABLE partners for you who would just LOVE to date you, but you never leave the house! You never meet new people, and you never make yourself available or do anything new. Even though you are PERFECT and AMAZING, and everything you need to be, you may never find good partners.

The same is true with marketing! FIRST you need a website. And you SHOULD have a GREAT website. That’s where we come in. We can ensure you have an AMAZING website.

But then what if no one sees it? How do you get yourself seen? Of course, your website can’t go out to parties or to bars, or to the beach, or mall, or wherever it is that people may meet each other now days. So how can you get people to get to know your website? How can you get people to see, and grow to love the “virtual you”?

Well, there are 3 highly recommended, obvious starting points.
1) Get on google maps.
it’s free, and its where people can literally search for you, and even see when they are close to you on their mobile devices!
This one’s pretty easy to setup. Go to, put in your address, and “register a business” to this address. Usually google will send you a little postcard in the mail with a verification code that you’ll later enter to confirm your business.
You can make it a bit more attractive by adding quotes, coupons, and sending your clients there to write good testimonials.
2) Make a Facebook Page. Facebook is an incredible way to share, announce, and spread news of your offerings. You’re crazy not to have a basic facebook page. This is also free, and quick and easy to get started.
2) Paid advertising:
Facebook: Honestly facebook has been the highest ROI of practically any online marketing i’ve ever used, and it’s fantastic for driving local customers. You can target directly to your area for cheap, and you can choose to only pay when people actually CLICK on your ad.
Now you WILL need to learn a bit about making a good ad. Perhaps we’ll make a video on this topic another day, but for now, if you need any immediate help, just reach out, and we’ll be happy to help.
Google Adwords: Search Engine Optimization can’t compete with Google adwords. What pays, plays, and google will put you on top. We make sure that all your sites play nicely with google and are SEO friendly, but putting some adword campaigns into play can help boost your customer base.

Now, how do you build rapport?
If people come to your site one time, and never return, you’ve probably lost a customer. And sometimes just what you say in your webpage isn’t enough to make someone plan their day around spending money to go to your class. It may be, but it may not.
So how do we help?

1) Present yourself the best way possible – Getting good Testimonials is one great idea
4) FOLLOW UP, BUILD RAPPORT, and make offers
…Each time you reach out to these guys, you have an opportunity to build rapport, and make an offer. The more “rapport-building” you do, the more “conversions” you’ll enjoy. That means more people who visit your site will actually come take a yoga class and use your services.

So in summary, these are the parts you need to have the BEST success possible in your business, and avoid a disappointing failure.

1) A website, and preferably a logo. At the very bare minimum, get a beautiful website. If you can afford or resource a logo, do it.
To have a website, you’re gonna need hosting, and a domain name.
2) In addition, to REALLY setup a viable start to your business, you should have:
A logo, a facebook page, a registered business in google maps, and an email list with an optin form.
3) If you really want to be professional, you should follow up with all your leads, and build a huge list. For this you’re going to need a Mass Mailing Platform (constant contact, mailchimp), and it would be SUPER top-notch awesome if you had some autoresponders setup.
What is an autoresponder? Companies have used it with you a million times and you may have never taken notice.
A typical autoresponder is when a new customer gets added to an email list, and for the next 6 weeks they get followups from the company who’s mailing them. For instance – it can work in your business like this…
A new customer goes to your website. For the next 6 weeks they get emails from you giving them free and awesome information about yoga, and reminding them of your upcoming classes and offers. This is a well-ran business machine that builds rapport for you automatically! And it helps people remember you, and eventually can urge them to take advantage of your services.
4) If you want to really grow, and take your business seriously, you’ll need business cards. You could get even more professional and do things like video blogs with a sweet splashscreen intro.

There are a ton of other things you can do, but these are the basic hugely important phases of what you need to succeed.

Okay, so that’s ALOT, right?

But perhaps the most important other element is FOCUS. There are a million moving parts to a business. If you’re smart, and lucky, you’ll find good people who love doing the parts that you hate, or don’t know how to do.

If you don’t know how to make a website, or how to market online, and want some help, you may want to consider having us help you. We want to encourage you to keep spreading the science and art of yoga, following your devotion and passion, and contact us for all your web needs.

We’ve actually tiered all of our services into 3 packages that offer you the correct solutions you need depending on how devoted you are to your growth.

1) Choose the Bronze Package to “Present yourself online” with a beautiful website and all that’s necessary to get started.

2) Choose the Silver Package, to “Present your best self online, and build a base of customer connections”
This is our recommended package to get completely setup and in the game with full company branding, and an email list. This will ensure that you will not only be presented well, but will also have the chance to make and deepen connections. The silver package sets you up with a logo, a mass mailing platform, and an opt-in form. Also, with silver package, we can help you if you need help setting up registration in google maps, or putting up afacebook page.

3) Choose the Gold Package to get in front of a huge audience, present yourself utterly professionally, automatically build rapport, and close more sales!
We also help you get setup in google adwords and facebook ads to start reaching your customers now. We will set you up with a customizable, 6-week scripted yoga autoresponder to ensure your customers grow to love you, and never forget about you. The gold package also includes some bonus features like a sweet and stylish custom email signature, a solid business card design, and even a video splash screen incase you chose to do some video blogs!

So remember, to utterly succeed, you should:
1) Polish and prepare to present your best self online
2) Put yourself out there in front of your potential customers
3) Present yourself to your audience and make a connection
4) Get their contact info (email)
5) Deepen the connection (follow up with emails, or autoresponders)
6) …and finally close more sales, fill your classes, and generally succeed in your yoga business!

If you are ready to get online and get started with building a successful yoga business now,
visit, and click “Get a Yoga Website Now!” to have us get started on helping you grow your business.

You spread yoga, and we’ll handle the web.

Have the most beautiful day, and if we can be of absolutely any help, please reach out.